Khanyisani Preschool


The non-profit association Orange Farm e.V. was founded by research assistants of the faculty of architecture of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to support and realize student DesignBuild projects focusing on social development in southern Africa..


Students voluntarily construct schools and kindergartens in underdeveloped regions. Since 2007 the association Bauen für Orange Farm e.V. organizes and finances these projects and manages the sever-al week-long process of construction. The buildings are realized in strong collaboration with the locals which provides them with an opportunity to learn techniques on site to help themselves in the long run after the initial phase of building together with the students.

The encouragement arising through buil-ding together contributes to a sustainable social development.


The collaboration of students from Germany and the local African community also encourages the understanding for one another and stimulates learning processes on both sides.


Building together, learning together.